Keep your backend locked down, away from the public

Scale happiness, not resources with #statichosting

Leverage best of class delivery methods

Enables you to

  • generate a standalone, static HTML copy of your entire WordPress website
  • auto-deploy via Netlify, S3, GitHub Pages, BunnyCDN, more
  • schedule exports via CRON & a custom hook
  • one site to unlimited export targets
  • strip out any identifying traces of WordPress from your site


  • tightens security with no PHP or Database exposure
  • fully open source codebase for peace of mind
  • speeds pageloads by pre-generating each page
  • desktop notifications / emails alert you to when exports are complete

Use cases

  • securing a website from malicious attacks/malware
  • fastest hosting options for static websites
  • free hosting via GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.
  • website archival
  • cheap, fast and secure hosting for a digital agency


“Awesome plugin - It does what it advertises, works great, I love it, this is amazing!” – Turcu Ciprian

“super fast static wordpress on raspberry pi - great tool to run a wordpress site on your raspberry pi - and have a sound loading time. It takes a minute to generate all html files, but the loading time, compared to the original wordpress site is just great. Google page speed up to 92 from 75.” – quanttrader

“It is fantastic! - It’s just fantastic! I really hope you don’t stop supporting this plugin. It’s like Jekyll static site generator, even better! Unlike Jekyll, we have all the benefits of WordPress. Thank you! I’ve run a portable local server on a usb flash, and can now update the site even with the Windows tablet. Even on Android there are bunch of local server apps. For some people it will be more convenient…” – tesmon

“Worked like a charm. - I used it to retire two of my blogs and (both served as static HTML pages now).” – vrypan

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