WordPress SSG for static site performance and security.

Fully open source / code in the public domain.

Respects your privacy. Minimal BS.

Get started

  • clone your existing WordPress site to another location (your local computer or a remote server)
  • download and install WP2Static
  • configure your deployment options
  • setup manual or automatic deployment Jobs
  • verify a test deployment / make any adjustments
  • deploy to production

How WP2Static works

URL Detection

WP2Static queries the WordPress database and your site’s filesystem to determine which URLs need to be included in your static site. URL Detection docs


Each detected URL is crawled, saving a copy of its contents as a static file. Crawling docs


Within your crawled files, all URLs from your development server are rewritten to your deployment domain. Post-processing docs


Transfers the processed static site to your chosen hosting platform. Deployment docs


Allows scheduling any/all of the detect, crawl, post-process and deployment steps to run automatically at a fixed interval or upon post editing/other triggers. Jobs docs


Extend your deployment options & add advanced processing of forms, search, e-Commerce & more with WP2static Add-ons