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Less maintaining. More creating.

A static site isn't vulnerable to out of date plugins or themes

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Unlimited deploys

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"Perfect solution for your #JAMstack needs"

While defining my 4x portal's new stack, because WordPress was a requirement and I was facing a 7M+ session count and 12M+ pageview count, I had to search for a sturdy way for serving that without major performance and security issues.

Long story short, #JAMstack was looking bright and shiny and WP Static Site Generator is the reference for static publishing on WP. Hands down.

I've been using for 6+ months and it's working without any major problems. Add to that the author's incredible availability and will to listen and steer the development to cater for to the community's needs while serving new ideas and incredible out-of-the-box thinking, and you've got a winner!

Unparalleled security

Stop exposing your WordPress server to the public. Host locally or privately, only deploying a secure version of your site to the public.

Your content, on the edge

Other methods can optimize your site to run faster. Only going static gives you the option to get your whole site distributed globally, so users from any country get the fastest possible pageloads

Say goodbye to hosting costs

A $5/month VPS can handle the biggest traffic spikes with a static site. You can even choose from free, globally distributed static site hosts.

Faster than caching plugins

No such thing as a cache miss. Caching plugins are a band-aid solution to WordPress performance issues. Time to rip it off and fix them for good.

Keep selling

Whilst WooCommerce doesn't play nice with static sites, Snipcart is a platform-independent, modern eCommerce solution that works great.

Rank higher

Compatible with all Yoast and other SEO plugins. Google also prefers fast-loading sites that don't have a history of being hacked / infected with malware

Environmentally responsible

More than 70 billion KiloWatt hours a year are used to power the internet. With WordPress running 30% of websites, it's time we get efficient.

Local speeds, globally

Only a fully static website can easily be replicated around the world, so that users in Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Paris, for example, are all being served your website at local speeds.

Simplified WP devops

Your global content team can keep collaborating and you can deploy a snapshot of the site via git and your CI/CD tooling. WordPress has never been so manageable for large companies.

A word from the creator, Leon Stafford

Thanks for making the right choice to go static. I believe that 98% of WordPress sites should be hosted statically. I created this plugin in 2011, when I was doing WordPress consulting for clients. I moved away from WordPress and into larger custom web development frameworks. Unfortunately, this allowed WordPress hosting to get out of control, with high prices and low performance being common place. I have been modernizing the WP2Static n in recent years, because the solution to WordPress’s security and performance problems is more important than ever. Watch the video below to hear other reasons I think static will make the web a better place.

WP2Static WordPress Plugin

Fully-functioning static deployment solution
FREE Forever
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited manual deploys
  • WP-CLI deploys
  • Strip WordPress signatures
  • Pagespeed optimization
  • Community support

A Lifetime of PowerPack Add-Ons

Priced the way software should be
$ 30 Once-off, non-recurring, no tricks
  • Everything the official plugin provides, plus
  • Auto-deploy from your dashboard to:
  • Amazon S3 + CloudFront invalidation
  • Bitbucket
  • BunnyCDN
  • GitHub Pages
  • GitLab
  • Netlify

Prefer to pay with PayPal, Bank Transfer, BTC or other crypto? Email help@wp2static.com and it can be arranged.

WP2Static is produced by Leon Stafford. Not liking to track you with any scripts, the only external scripts in use on this site are from Snipcart, our static site eCommerce tool of choice and an embedded YouTube video. All our software is under The Unlicense, giving complete freedom for you to do what you want with it. The plugin code is all open source.