Faster websites are rewarded by better search rankings and higher conversions.

WordPress security vulnerabilities risk site outages and maintenance costs.

Use WP2Static to secure your base and deploy to globally fast networks!

Performance junkies

  • get your content delivered right at the user’s edge
  • handle 1,000’s of concurrent users with no performance degradation
  • post-process WordPress generated content for optimal serving
  • serve your whole site from high-performant, distributed networks


  • keep your WP admin hidden from the public/bots/search engines
  • remove tell-tale signs that your site is running WordPress


  • use the same WordPress themes & plugins that you love
  • host 100’s of static sites (cheaply) on different IPs to avoid penalities
  • drive massive campaign traffic without risk of overload



Excellent tool to get site loading speeds to well under a second!

It does take a bit of tinkering here and there, especially when rewriting the URLs, but WP2Static is an excellent tool to bring site loading speeds really down to the absolute minimum.

Thanks for developing the plugin and keeping it up to date.

Also works with ClassicPress, so that’s pretty cool too. – Pieter

“Perfect solution for your #JAMstack needs”

“While defining my 4x portal’s new stack, because WordPress was a requirement and I was facing a 7M+ session count and 12M+ pageview count, I had to search for a sturdy way for serving that without major performance and security issues.

Long story short, #JAMstack was looking bright and shiny and WP2Static is the reference for static publishing on WP. Hands down.

I’ve been using for 6+ months and it’s working without any major problems. Add to that the author’s incredible availability and will to listen and steer the development to cater for to the community’s needs while serving new ideas and incredible out-of-the-box thinking, and you’ve got a winner!” – FM Tavares

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