WP2Static the software is over 10 years old - that’s like 100 in human years!

It started as a tool to solve a problem for our founder, Leon Stafford, while he was doing a lot of consulting work for internet marketers. It solved the problem then of serving a WordPress site fast on cheap, low-powered servers and without the headache of worrying about security and maintenance.

The importance of web security and performance has only increased over the years, which is why we’re still relevant.

Development didn’t really get serious until a couple of years ago, when deployment options were added, allowing WP2Static users to host on services like GitHub Pages and Dropbox (when they still supported static website hosting!).

Name changes

Leon was working for marketers, but obviously not a marketer himself, when he named the first version WordPress Static HTML Output Plugin! Unfortunately, we can’t change our plugin’s “slug” on wordpress.org, so you’ll still see this on the official plugin page and support forums there!

We then went to WP Static Site Generator, as people were growing aware of what a static site generator actually was.

This was still a bit too technical and our aim is to help users move to a better way of hosting their WordPress sites, so we made it a tad catchier with WP2Static. Unless we do a massive, unlikely pivot, that name will stick around.

Company mission

We’re going to raise awareness static hosting’s benefits to as many people as possible, convince them to stop hosting on insecure and poorly performing servers and make enough money to be able to focus on building quality software and expanding our outreach efforts.


WP2Static operates under an Australian Sole Proprietarship of Leon Stafford, ABN: 67 399 547 217

Software license

All of WP2Static’s core and Add-ons are licensed under The Unlicense.