Extend WP2Static’s functionality with these powerful add-ons:


  • Advanced Detection Add-on*


  • Advanced Crawling Add-on*


  • Static Form Converter Add-on*
  • Advanced CSS Processor Add-on*
  • Advanced HTML Processor Add-on*
  • Source Rewriter Add-on*
  • Directory Renamer Add-on*


  • Aerobatic Deployment Add-on*
  • Amazon S3 Deployment Add-on
  • Azure Storage Deployment Add-on*
  • BunnyCDN Deployment Add-on
  • CloudFlare Workers Deployment Add-on*
  • Dropbox Deployment Add-on*
  • Firebase Deployment Add-on*
  • FTP Deployment Add-on
  • GitHub Deployment Add-on
  • Google Cloud Storage Deployment Add-on*
  • Heroku Deployment Add-on*
  • Netlify Deployment Add-on
  • Rackspace Cloud Files Deployment Add-on*
  • rsync Deployment Add-on*
  • SCP Deployment Add-on*
  • sFTP Deployment Add-on
  • Surge Deployment Add-on*
  • Zip Deployment Add-on

*marked add-ons are to be released with upcoming version 7

Simple pricing for Add-ons

We like to keep things simple. No sneaky recurring costs or complicated license activations.

Lifetime purchase

Access to all current and future Add-Ons + prioritized basic support.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you’re not happy with the plugin within 14 days of purchase, your money will be refunded - just state the reason, so the plugin can be improved for other users.

Pricing for disadvantaged individuals/groups

Special rates for non-commercial usage are available upon request. Please contact us via the community if you’re a student, teacher, charity worker or open source developer needing the power of WP2Static’s Add-ons.

As an individual, you may be eligible for our Fair Go Pricing.