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End of 2020 update

Quick update on the status of projects, as we approach the end of 2020. This year saw WP2Static go through a few major changes: new, extensible, modern codebase for WP2Static continuation of legacy product as Static HTML Output move to pay what you can type of pricing Along with these, I launched a few new projects around the static site space, like, Lokl and forked Simply Static into Simpler Static. End of 2020 update full article

Easier Add-on development

Thanks to those who have been testing the pre-release builds of WP2Static Version 7. There’s been some great detection of bugs that help justify taking a cautious approach to V7 before pushing an official release up to Already, there have been some great user-contributed fixes and improvements. There’s even great progress on a new GitHub deployment add-on coming from one of the community, an exciting first for WP2Static! Centralized Add-ons Page As part of making it an easier path for developers in the community to build their own WP2Static Add-ons, I’ve spent some time this week reimagining how Add-ons integrate with the core WP2Static plugin. Easier Add-on development full article

Retiring email support and chat group

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with thousands of users over the years. I hate to give anyone the impression I don’t care about their issues. I love helping people and solving problems! The way I can most effectively support everyone, is by not answering the same question repeatedly. A solution to this is to answer those questions in a public space, so that others can fix the same issue on their own or join the conversation. Retiring email support and chat group full article

Fair Go Pricing

Hi, I’m Leon Stafford, author of the WP2Static tool. Since going to a “freemium” model, to try and sustain myself via developing open source software, I’ve struggled with pricing models. This is partly due to my financial ignorance. I was lucky to grow up in the developed nation of Australia and support myself easily through working in various countries. It is easy to become complacent with how others in the world live. Fair Go Pricing full article