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Fair Go Pricing

Hi, I’m Leon Stafford, author of the WP2Static tool.

Since going to a “freemium” model, to try and sustain myself via developing open source software, I’ve struggled with pricing models. This is partly due to my financial ignorance. I was lucky to grow up in the developed nation of Australia and support myself easily through working in various countries.

It is easy to become complacent with how others in the world live. Before devoting my full time to this plugin, I was trying to launch a charity with my partner in the Philippines. With no capital, we sadly weren’t able to sustain it. This experience, though, reminded me of how every $ counts, especially to those in developing nations or difficult situations.

My “Fair Go” Pricing Model

I want to give every opportunity to those who may benefit from this software to do so.

That someone living in a country where the average salary is $400 a month should pay the same for a license as someone where the average is closer to $5,000 is wrong to me.

Of course, if you’re a digital nomad working on a beach in Thailand (as I’d love to be doing soon!), you may be OK to pay the full license fee. If not, let me know.

However, if you’re cash poor and need your money more for surviving than buying software, just let me know and I’ll help you out with an appropriate discount, between 50 to 100%.

Abuse of the system

I expect some people who are very frugal to request a discount, even if not in dire need. It’s a case by case basis and I’ll accept losing some otherwise potential revenue so that the intended recipients can still benefit from this system.

Baseline pricing / supporting this software

The baseline price for WP2Static will always be a combination of the value this solution provides for people and how much it costs to develop, support and market.

It may be in our human nature to dislike when others might be getting an advantage over us. If you’re able to pay the full license fee for this software, please don’t feel disadvantaged, but remember your fortune to be in that position. You’re also keeping the spirit of open source software alive and helping to fund future development.

I appreciate every $ that comes in and feel duty bound to create the best software I can for all users.

Request a “Fair Go” price

“Fair go” is common term in Australia and New Zealand, often used to implore someone act with more fairness or reason.

To request fairer pricing for your situation, please contact me (Leon) and send a quick sentence of your situation/why you need a bit of help and I’ll gladly oblige.