Hi, I’m Leon Stafford, author of the WP2Static tool.

What started as a solopreneur operation has grown to the point of needing partners to ensure a high quality of product and support to users.

Please enquire if you think the position is a good match for you - have confidence in yourself and don’t be afraid to apply if you don’t tick all the boxes.

We don’t discriminate on your ethnic or cultural background, gender or such. Some bias will be given to Vim users, though!

Remote Technical Support Position

Work from home, a cafe or coworking space and help our users get started or solve technical issues with their workflow.


Our users range from non-technical business owners through to CTOs of large corporations.

Common Support Requests

  • solving environmental issues with hosting that are blocking their exports
  • troubleshooting content not included in their site export
  • licensing and activation issues

Premium Support Assistance

We offer extra support options for both free and Pro users of the plugin. This can include us going the extra mile to replicate the users’ WordPress site on our own private servers for comprehensive troubleshooting and debugging. We also offer a service to help install and configure the plugin on their existing hosting environment.

Support Channels

  • Slack
  • Email
  • GitHub Issues
  • WP.org support issues

Continued Improvement

By continually improving the software’s UI/UX and updating our documentation, we’ll aim to minimize the number of avoidable incoming support requests.


You won’t be alone in this role. The product’s developer, Leon Stafford, will be sharing the load of support requests and handling any which you are uncomfomfortable with.

first-line of defense

Quickly answering common issues or referring to relevant documentation page.

site-specific debugging/troubleshooting

We’ll try to spend some time with a client’s specific implementation issues before requiring they buy a premium support package.

documentation maintenance

Where you’ve just solved a support request and noticed a hole in our documentation coverage, you can save other users from getting stuck by making the documentation clearer or suggesting an improvement to the product.

Desired Skills

  • LAMP stack experience on Linux
  • Command line and Vim/Emacs proficient
  • Debugging HTML/CSS/JS source code via the browser console
  • tailing logs
  • grep’ing for strings
  • MySQL via the CLI
  • Friendly English manner on chat or emails
  • Virtual Machine / cloud instance provisioning

Apply Now

Expectations: The hiring process may take up to a month. If you haven’t heard anything back after a week, please check-in with us for an update.