Looking for help outside of what the community and I can provide in the public forums? Want to go static but have more $ than time and want to offload it?

Here are some users of WP2Static who I know to be knowledgable and passionate about static hosting and site speed optimisations.

I can’t guarantee their availability or interest in your particular job, but worth contacting them and seeing if they can help.

Gulshan Kumar

Hindi/English. Loves BunnyCDN!


Frans Allen

Bahasa/English/Korean(?). Breathes CDNs!


Mike Michelini

Veteran internet marketer from NYC, living in Asia. Has migrated many WordPress sites to static and can help others do the same so they can sleep easier!


Other experts

You can browse commits to WP2Static’s GitHub Repositories to find those active and knowledgable in WP2Static. I’ll add people here from time to time, if you’d like to get listed here and I know you from real life or the forums, GitHub, etc, please ask me.

WordPress/PHP expertise

I cannot speak highly enough of Viktor Szepe. He does amazing code quality work for some major WP plugins and was the one to give me a needed kick in the pants to start improving WP2Static’s code quality! Magyar/English