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Users needing Pro features can upgrade from within the plugin itself

Pro licenses for non-commercial usage are available upon request. Please contact us via the community if you’re a student, teacher, charity worker, open source developer or indie hacker needing more features

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Static publishing of your entire siteYesYesYes
Stripping of WordPress identifiersYesYesYes
Auto-deploy your siteYes(*)YesYes
Scheduled deploymentsNoYesYes

Deployment targets

 BasicPro / Enterprise
Amazon S3AutoAuto
GitHub PagesAutoAuto
FTP serversAutoAuto
Azure StoragemanualComing soon
Google Cloud FilesmanualComing soon
Rackspace Cloud FilesmanualComing soon
sFTP/SCP/rsyncmanualComing soon


single sitefree for life$39.99/yr Contact for pricing
unlimited sites” “$49.99/yr ” “

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you’re not happy with the plugin, your money will be refunded - just state the reason, so the plugin can be improved for other users