WP2Static downloads for free users


For convenient access to pre-built installers for all WP2Static Add-ons, please consider supporting this project project and myself by making a lifetime purchase.

The core WP2Static plugin and all Add-ons are and will remain fully open source. So, there’s no need to purchase, if your happy to compile the source code yourself. “Compile” can sound intimidating, but really, can be as little as one command, composer install, once you have the source code checked out!

Struggling financially? It’s OK, that puts you in the majority of the world’s population! Feel free to ask me for the Fair Go Pricing Model.

What’s the “SHA256” for?

The sha256(1) number shown is a calculated checksum of the installer file. This can be used to verify any files you download to make sure they match the official checksum I calculate for the installer file at the time of publishing a build. If you check the SHA256 of an installer file you’ve downloaded to your computer or server and it doesn’t match, this could mean the file has been corrupted or tampered with during transit. It’s also a way to ensure you don’t download a “nulled” version of WP2Static, as is common with dubious sites sharing WordPress plugins modified to include malware or abusing privacy.