Downloading WP2Static

WP2Static offers the convenience of downloading from various sources

Download from the official plugin repository

Simply search for WP2Static at the WordPress plugins page

Download from within your WordPress dashboard

Navigate to Plugins > Add new and search for WP2Static.

Download from the command line / terminal

Use any of these commands to download the latest official version






curl -O

Download using WP-CLI

The WP-CLI tool allows for very fast and easy WordPress management. Use the command below to install WP2Static.


wp plugin install static-html-output-plugin

Be careful when running the WP-CLI command as a different user than your web server’s. In this case, you may need to adjust the file ownership after downloading.

Download from the official GitHub repository

All development takes place within GitHub. The WP2Static core repository is publicly available

Latest release

git clone

Development branch

git clone -b develop

Vit Git with WP Pusher

WP Pusher is another useful tool for optimized WordPress workflows. See their guide on Setting Up a Plugin or Theme from GitLab. GitHub, BitBucket or other repository hosts also supported.