Gardez votre serveur verrouillé, à l’abri du public.

Augmentez la satisfaction de vos utilisateurs, pas les ressources allouées grâce à l’hébergement statique.

Tirez parti des meilleures méthodes de déploiement.

Vous pouvez

  • générer une copie HTML statique complète et autonome de votre site WordPress
  • déployer automatiquement via Netlify, S3, GitHub Pages, BunnyCDN, et plus
  • programmer vos exports via CRON & un hook personnalisé
  • exporter autant de fois que vous voulez votre site
  • supprimer toute trace permettant d’identifier votre site comme un site WordPress.


  • Renforcement de la sécurité, en supprimant l’éposition à PHP ou une base de données
  • code source totalement ouvert pour une plus grande tranquillité d’esprit
  • accélération des temps de chargement grâce à la pré-génération des pages
  • notifications Desktop, alertes email dès qu’un export est terminé

Cas d’utilisation

  • protéger un site web des attaques malicieuses et des malware.
  • hébergement plus performant pour les sites web statiques,
  • hébergement gratuit via GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.
  • versionnement et archivage du site web
  • hébergement peu coûteux, rapide et sécurisé pour une agence digitale


“L’avenir de WordPress”

“Over 90% of existing WordPress sites could be converted to static sites without losing anything at all. You initially lose some dynamic features – comments, contact forms – but there are now a variety of workarounds to add those to static sites. In practice, however, the vast majority of sites simply present information (text, images, audio, video, graphs, embedded Tweets etc) and all of that is more suited to a static site.

You gain speed, security, simpler management, better uptime, lower hosting costs (with many excellent free options) and SPEED, partly because serving static files is naturally faster than even the most expensive “managed” WordPress options, and partly because static files can be CACHED via Cloudflare or any CDN, putting your site closer to your visitors all over the world. Better uptime and speed also increase your search engine rankings.

WP Static Site Generator is, therefore, one of the most exciting Open Source projects at the moment. It allows site managers to use a tool they are already familiar with – WordPress – to create their content but, then, at the click of a button, convert it to a static version and export it to an ever-growing variety of hosts.

I am still learning this stuff but, at the moment, I like to install a WordPress site locally (using Laravel Valet) and then export to BitBucket, which is automatically pulled by Netlify, an excellent free hosting that makes it easy to add a contact form to static sites. IMHO, contact forms are the only dynamic feature that most sites do need, and I am exploring lots of cool ways to add them without having the ridiculous overhead of keeping an entire installation of WordPress updated and secure.

I have tried the other WordPress static site options, but WPSSG is ahead and moving faster than the others. It has worked perfectly for me on some relatively complex sites.

Most importantly, the lead developer, Leon Stafford, is hard-working, highly engaged and responsive on the community Slack and forum, it is exciting to watch a good plugin become a true game-changer. “ – Ed Munroe

“La solution idéale pour passer à la #JAMstack”

“While defining my 4x portal’s new stack, because WordPress was a requirement and I was facing a 7M+ session count and 12M+ pageview count, I had to search for a sturdy way for serving that without major performance and security issues.

Long story short, #JAMstack was looking bright and shiny and WP Static Site Generator is the reference for static publishing on WP. Hands down.

I’ve been using for 6+ months and it’s working without any major problems. Add to that the author’s incredible availability and will to listen and steer the development to cater for to the community’s needs while serving new ideas and incredible out-of-the-box thinking, and you’ve got a winner!” – FM Tavares

“La meilleure solution d’hébergement statique pour WordPress”

“Leon is a very talented engineer with a very smart approach to building what could become one of the most popular paid WP plugins. As it stands today I see this plugin being an amazing alternative to serverless-static wordpress hosting offerings like It’s basically those entire services in a plugin + a wordpress site you can run locally and deploy to production in S3 or similar – can’t beat it.

He’s recently invited us (plugin customers) to a slack group to be part of the software development process. A plugin as large as this one, with as many deployable locations requires a lot of consideration and I think I speak for the group by saying that we are all very appreciative of Leon’s communication style and desire to gather our input.

Finally we’re moving forward quickly. Leon seems to believe strongly in test driven development and from what I can tell, he’s writing some amazing tests. Very little to no regression.” – Jon Hawkins

“Répond à un besoin important de l’écosystème WordPress”

I couldn’t believe a full circle static site generator did not exist for WordPress while being maintained and supporting automation.

Props to Leon for the speed of development and really pushing this project forward. – Nathan G

“Un WordPess statique hyper rapide sur raspberry pi”

“Great tool to run a wordpress site on your raspberry pi - and have a sound loading time. It takes a minute to generate all html files, but the loading time, compared to the original wordpress site is just great. Google page speed up to 92 from 75.” – @quanttrader

“C’est fantastique ! - juste fantastique !”

“I really hope you don’t stop supporting this plugin. It’s like Jekyll static site generator, even better! Unlike Jekyll, we have all the benefits of WordPress. Thank you! I’ve run a portable local server on a usb flash, and can now update the site even with the Windows tablet. Even on Android there are bunch of local server apps. For some people it will be more convenient…” – @tesmon

“Ça fonctionne à merveille”

“I used it to retire two of my blogs and (both served as static HTML pages now).” – @vrypan

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