Due dates?

I’m a solo developer, sometimes able to get in the zone and have great productivity. Other times, I can struggle for days/weeks to write a line of code.

In the past, I’ve rushed releases out to the official repository, which is especially painful, as some users may be auto-updating their plugins and for others, offers plugin/theme developers no way to contact their users to inform them of bugs or the need to rollback or upgrade to the next release.

For these reasons, I’m not going to commit to any deadlines other than “when it’s ready”:


Using pre-release versions or building your own installers from the open source code is a way for you to get access to improvements before an official release. It also helps everyone if you on any issues you encounter or ideas for improvements.

Roadmap / future features

Not included here is what’s already available in published pre-release versions. This also doesn’t include expected/incremental changes, like continual performance improvements

Something missing?

My vision as a solo developer vs 10,000+ user’s experience is limited. Please share your use case stories and feature requests with me and they may get onto the roadmap!

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