WordPress static site generator help



WordPress static site generator help

Every WordPress setup can vary, due to the type of hosting, the plugins installed and the theme in use.

Continuous improvement of the product and documentation aims to minimize the number of support requests.

After reading the docs and trying to troubleshoot by yourself, you can reach out using the methods below:

Public support options

Get a free static-compatible review of your website!

Strattic makes headless and static WordPress possible and easy, for everyone. We can check your site before you get started to make sure it’s static friendly, and if it’s not, we can provide you with recommendations and solutions.


A holding cell for questions and answers not yet turned into beautiful documentation.

How to set a 404 page in static website?

How do redirects work in the static site?

Can I have a partially static site?

Will complex forms work on my static site?

How to secure a development WordPress website?

Try Strattic!

Try Strattic for generating a static version of your WordPress website.

Strattic is an end-to-end managed WordPress to static publishing and hosting platform. Leon, the creator of WP2Static, has joined the expert team at Strattic, building a fully automated, end-to-end solution for secure and performant WordPress hosting. Try it free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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