Every WordPress setup can vary, due to the type of hosting, the plugins installed and the theme in use.

Continuous improvement of the product and documentation aims to minimize the number of support requests.

We also provide free and premium support options, as detailed below:

Support options

 Support planAction
FREEPublic support forumsBrowse forum
FREEPrivate community chatJoin community
Included with Pro licenseEmail & Chat with a developerUpgrade to Pro license
$50 / sitePremium support on a secure serverLearn more
$175 / siteValet installation on your serverLearn more

Premium support on a secure server

Having issues getting your site to export properly?

When the documentation isn’t enough and support hasn’t been able to solve your problem via email or chat, consider purchasing this premium support option.

  • securely send us a backup of your WordPress site files and database
  • we install it onto an isolated server, protected from public access
  • we use our debugging tools in a known environment to quickly identify the cause blocking your export

Valet installation on your server

I know I want this plugin, but I need some help setting it up

We get that WordPress users come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you just want to focus on the business and marketing and not get distracted by learning web development.

In this case, we’ll help install WP Static Site Generator, either free or with your existing Pro license, on your existing server.

This incurrs a higher cost as we need to take extra precautionary steps to securely access your server and ensure backups are in place. In many cases, these will be a live server, again, requiring extra care and expertise.

How much time do I get for my support plan?

We don’t put a hard time limit on our support time. If we can’t identify the cause / propose a solution within a reasonable amount of time, we’ll refund the cost of the support plan.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you’re not happy with any of the premium support options you purchase, we’ll refund without hesitation. We just ask for some feedback so as to provide a better experience to the next person.

Request an invoice for a premium support plan

If you’re unable to pay with PayPal, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with any additional questions and a link for purchasing: