How to set a 404 page in static website?

Is there a way for force wp2static to crawl a 404 error?

I have a couple of sites at s3 and i need to provide a static version of the 404 page. If I enter a forced URL for wp2static to crawl e.g. /error.html - it will not crawl the URL as it 404’s (error.html does not exist, I was simply trying to see if I could force crawl the rendered 404 error page from wordpress).

Good question!

We’re looking into ways to provide a streamlined solution to this in future versions/add-ons, but for this case with Amazon’s S3, we recommend the following:

Due to not having access to a database or the server’s REQUEST_URI with S3, if you wan to have dynamic error pages, ie, make suggestions to the user based on the non-existent URL they requested, this could be done with CloudFront behaviours. CloudFront is a great way to speed up your S3-stored static website and allow attaching serverless functions to add dynamic functionality to your site where needed.

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