Version 7

The long-awaited and ever-promising Version 7 has seen a complete rearchitecting of the plugin, with some great new features and fixes for common issues in version 6.

Due date?

Locking down a release date has been hard and we’ve missed the mark a few times, not wanting to rush out something that’s not rock solid.

Best estimate now is Q1, 2020, with development builds available for testing hopefully by end of 2019.

What’s in / out for Version 7?

Here are the main changes coming, we’ve had to drop one in-progress feature so far:


  • auto-deploy just changes when you add/update site content
  • extensibility throughout plugin for developers to create their own add-ons/modify the core behaviour
  • additional WP-CLI commands for more control
  • crawl, processing and deploy caching for fast exports on large sites
  • support for exporting sites with URLs and and content in multibyte encodings
  • exports run as background-tasks
  • schedulable exports
  • PHP 7.2 minimum support
  • smaller core plugin, with all add-ons as dedicated plugins
  • performance-boost across all hosting platforms (no need to configure crawl rates anymore)


  • multiple deploy configs (doing this, along with crawl/process/deploy caching added unnecessary complexity)