Our founder, Leon Stafford, idealistically wishes for a free and open internet. WP2Static does its best to not abuse your privacy.

Here, we’ll try to inform you of all the ways we store your data and any 3rd parties that are likely to see your data along the way.

On this website

We host this on Netlify, which definitely collects visitor analytics, at least. Download forms are submitted using Basin and Zapier to send to our internal tools.

We try to avoid using any 3rd party hosted fonts, to prevent those companies getting another tracking metric on you.

Our shopping cart is by Snipcart, which we link to their servers for some Javascript and CSS. Connected to Snipcart, are our payment processors, Stripe and PayPal. If you’d prefer to avoid those and pay for WP2Static using some cryptocurrency, just contact us - happy to help!

MermaidJS is a JavaScript library for rendering diagrams on the site. We should bring this on-site, but for now, it’s being pulled from UNPKG.

There are no other 3rd party resources being used on this site. If you discover any, please contact us and we’ll either update this doc or remove the resources.


We use a few tools for running WP2Static, which may see various parts of your data.

Google Drive/Sheets are sometimes used drafting documents and crunching numbers.

We use Close as our sales tool, HelpScout for customer support tickets, Customer.io for marketing automation and ReTool as a centralized place to manage these various tools.

We may temporarily use Virtual Private Servers from various providers when testing software or debugging reported issues.


We run a public Telegram chat group, along with a TalkYard forum and Twitter account.

We maintain a GitHub account, mirroring our primary git servers self-hosted on OpenBSD Amsterdam servers.

Phoning home

When you install WP2Static on your serve, it does not “phone home” or make any external requests outside of deployments to your chosen provider. As a WordPress plugin, we cannot vouch for WordPress’s current or future policies regarding how they treat your privacy. If you have broader concerns about how to lock down WordPress from making outside calls or tracking you, please contact us and we’ll try to advise ways to really lock things down.

Minimal data we record

We designed our product and services so as not to ever require storing sensitive usernames and passwords. Purchases are recorded against a license key and email.

In the case that we are helping a user troubleshoot an issue with their website, we encourage them to send us only credentials for a non-critical server or to cycle the credentials after we have finished troubleshooting.

By not requiring user credentials, in a data leak, we should be limited to just email addresses and names. Order information can include address information, but as a digital product vendor, this is something we really don’t need and will avoid storing it outside of our ecommerce and payment provider platforms.

Requesting data removal

Should you be concerned about what data you have stored with us, please contact us to either request a copy or to remove what we have stored for your account.


We have not applied for ceritification from any industry providers. If you’re looking to incorporate WP2Static into a corporate environment with strict requirements, please let us know and we’ll try to help.