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Retiring email support and chat group

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with thousands of users over the years.

I hate to give anyone the impression I don’t care about their issues. I love helping people and solving problems!

The way I can most effectively support everyone, is by not answering the same question repeatedly. A solution to this is to answer those questions in a public space, so that others can fix the same issue on their own or join the conversation.

Similarly, though the public chat group has given a nice feeling of instant-responses and togetherness, the reality is most members signed up to ask a support question and then never interact again, with that question often being a commonly repeated one, not lending itself to future discovery by others. (not faulting the members, that’s my mistake for creating another chat group after retiring the previous Slack group for the same issue – I thought having a publicly accessible chat in Telegram would do better).

Please use the public support options for the best chance of a response – and consider helping to answer other questions if you know the answer!

You can still contact me for any critical billing or security issues or to have a friendly, private chat. For any support emails I receive, though, I’ll redirect those back to a public channel.