WP2Static wouldn’t exist without our many users, license purchasers, bug reporters, open source contributors and financial supporters.

WP2Static users

Thanks to all of you who have shared stories of joy when it works and frustration when it doesn’t!

License purchasers

There’s more to your license revenues than just keeping the plugin author sheltered and fed (but big thanks to those!) - every sale for a project like WP2Static gives a positive mental boost and further justifies spending time to develop the plugin and support the users.

Bug reporters

Sometimes vague, sometimes meticulous, sometimes written in understandable nerd rage - don’t stop the bug reports coming! Some big fixes have come from user-reported issues, that then benefit large numbers of the user base. Heroes!

Open source contributors

WP2Static’s author, Leon Stafford, is an open source proponent and though challenging at times to sustain a project, nothing is as amazing as when someone freely contributes code or documentation to the project! We also try to contribute back funds to some of the underfunded open source projects that help drive WP2Static’s development.

Financial supporters

Over the ~10 yrs of WP2Static, there have been many ad hoc donations and feature development sponsorships which have really helped the project.



Many thanks to the team at Snipcart, for creating an excellent e-commerce platform, perfect for static websites. They both provided an open source friendly fee structure for our own usage (it’s how we sell licenses on WP2Static.com) and made a financial contribution towards our 2020 development roadmap. We’ll be ensuring we get more documentation and tutorials including how to use Snipcart on WordPress sites as a way of reciprocating. Their team is full of great humans and we’ve been singing their praises for the last couple of years, so happy to be partnering up with them in 2020!

If you’d like to become a financial supporter of the project or fast-track certain feature development, please contact us.