Preparing to go static with WordPress

Preparing to go static with WordPress

We’ll give some recommendations for designing your ideal WordPress to static hosting setup.

The first thing to decide is whether to host your WordPress site locally or on the internet. We’re talking about your WordPress development site here. As opposed to the resulting static site, which you’ll likely host online. Of course, it’s up to you to find the ideal setup, you may even use WP2Static for generating websites for offline use or behind a company or school’s intranet. WP2Static aims to provide as much flexibility to you, while keeping the plugin optimized for the core use cases.

Local or remote WordPress development server?

How to decide what’s right for me

You should go local when you…

You should host online when you…

Migrating an existing live site to a development server

Whether you’ll choose a local or online development server, you’ll need to follow a similar process before you can start publishing statically. These steps are described below.

Setting up a new development server

Be sure to check the System Requirements for WP2Static when setting up your new development server. We’ll give examples or recommended solutions for both local and online WordPress development servers. If you need more help deciding what’s right for you, please Contact Us and describe your use case for more recommendations.

Recommeneded hosting options for your development server

Update: I used to maintain a list of possible local WordPress development options and recommended VPS providers. This is going to change on a daily basis and it’s not a good use of my time to be trying out every option vs building the software and adding more static site hosting options for your live site.

Does it work with tool X, Y or Z?

Answer: Probably! Try it out and ask on the forum if you have issues. If there are common issues/workarounds for certain local dev environments/remote hosting providers, that’s the best place to search/ask.

Cloning your current live site to your new development server

With many guides already written and recorded for cloning a WordPress site, we’ll just share you a few links for now, so we can continue to build the essential documentation for WP2Static.

Correcting your new WordPress site’s URLs

If your migration process didn’t include an option to update WordPress’s URLs to the new site’s, you’ll need to do that at this point. Again, we reference an external guide to help you with this.

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